4. Examples

Sample codes and use-cases to get started

Paperdink Arduino Library Examples

To get started with the Paperdink library follow the instructions here→ .

Crypto Tracker

Track your cryptocurrency investments to see how much you’re in the red ;p

Youtube Stats

Show off your youtube views and subscribers count


A clean dashboard with weather, date and day, up to 11 to-do items. Syncs to-do list with Todoist or Taiga.


Display calendar, date, weather and to-do list synced with Todoist or Taiga.


Get inspired and reading random quotes from

Other Examples


Minimal example showing how to use GxEPD library with, you should see Albert Einstein.

Hello World

Minimal example using GxEPD2 library with, you should see “hello world” and some images with partial update demo.

Simple Buzzer

Simple example playing the mario theme song using the buzzer.

Minimal Micropython

Minimal example showing how to use micropython with Note that support is currently limited.